Front Desk

Enhance your business communications with a rich text messaging platform.

We've partnered with Canadian industry leader, Message Kite, to offer our customers a multi-platform web app that enhances your front desk by adding a powerful customer engagement channel. Short but effective interactions via SMS may not only save you time and money, for tasks like appointment reminders or delivery notices, but ensure a great and consistent client experience. You can also use the automated reminders feature to pre-schedule text messages for appointment reminders.

  • Enable your existing number for SMS
  • Two-way messaging
  • Scheduled messaging
  • Message templates
  • Autoresponder
  • Group texting

A must have tool for small businesses



Send and receive text and picture messages from our web app.



Send sms automated reminders to your clients.



Pre-schedule SMS messages for a date and time in the future.



Answer after hours enquiries with a smart chatbot.

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