What are the advantages of our Business Trunking+ product?



Our service is more affordable than traditional phone lines but offers the same if not better-quality.



Our service offers more robust business calling and call management features. Some of which simply cannot be delivered through conventional business phone service.



Do you have more than one location? Do you need more lines? Your StratoVox phone system will ready to scale when you are, affordably and rapidly.

Multiple Device Support

Multiple Device Support

Our service allows you to connect multiple devices; like your office phones, cell phones, PC soft phones and many more.

Business Trunking+ Pricing

Starting At
$21/m per line
1 year term
  • Unlimited Canada & U.S. Calling
  • Starting at $4.5 per extension/device
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Concierge Style Support
  • 99% SLA
Starting At
$20/m per line
2 year term
  • Unlimited Canada & U.S. Calling
  • Starting at $3.5 per extension/device
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Concierge Style Support
  • 99% SLA
Starting At
$19/m per line
3 year term
  • Unlimited Canada & U.S. Calling
  • Starting at $2.5 per extension/device
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Concierge Style Support
  • 99% SLA

Core Features at a Glance

You get all the available calling features at no extra cost

Our enterprise systems provide you with 30+ calling features to enrich your phone system.

  • Extension calling
  • Paging and Intercom
  • Caller ID
  • Auto Attendant
  • Custom On-Hold Music
  • Voicemail To Email
  • Calling Schedules
  • Call Hunting Groups
  • Call Transfer
  • Fax to Email
  • 3-Way Calling
  • And many more!

Forget about long distance charges, we got you covered.

Need to call suppliers or customer across the border or Canada? All StratoVox plans include unlimited incoming and outgoing calls to and from Canada and the United States. However, if you need international calling we offer competitive rates for high quality connections and other international calling solutions as well.

  • UK starting at $0.023 p/minute
  • France starting at $0.042 p/minute
  • Germany starting at $0.037 p/minute
  • Poland starting at $0.067 p/minute
  • Ukraine starting at $0.31 p/minute
  • Italy starting at $0.006 p/minute
  • Mexico starting at $0.019 p/minute
  • Jamaica starting at $0.26 p/minute

More than just tech support.

Our team brings a wealth of IT and IT Service Management experience to each and every customer engagement. Leave your phone system in our hands, while you focus on growing your business.

  • Inital Configuration
  • Ongoing system patching and monitoring
  • System hardening and Security
  • System performance fine-tuning
  • Multiple support and service channels - i.e. email, chat, ticketing system and phone
  • SLA guarantee in service agreement

Delivery of Service with Confidence

We put this in writing.  Your business service agreement with us will have a 99% Service Level guarantee.  Not only do we leverage our partnerships with the best Tier 1 data centers in the world to offer you high availability service, but we also partner with you to build a BCP (Business Continuity Plan) to ensure you have voice service even when your office or place of business is not accessible.

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Scheduled Back-ups
  • Low to No MTTR (mean time to recovery)
  • Ready to deploy work-from-home, mobile or off-site options
  • Worldwide network
  • Redundant arquitecture
  • Low latency
  • Rapid incident management response

Take your business to a National or International stage

We offer an extensive selection of Canadian, US and international phone numbers. Do you have vendors, operations or customers around the world? Are you looking to expand your business' footprint? StratoVox can build the right international calling solution for you. Let us help you manage or expand your business's national or international presence, in the most cost effective way.

Some devices we work with

GXP 1625 - Grandstream
GXP 2160 - Grandstream
DP 720 - Grandstream
T46S - Yealink
T57W - Yealink
CP960 - Yealink
VVX 150 - Polycom

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional phone lines, also referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) by industry, relies on physical wires. POTS is an analog service that runs on a network of copper cables. StratoVox works with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. This is a modern digital technology that makes use of your internet connection, to transmit voice in the form of data.

Yes, absolutely. We can port your Canada or U.S. based phone number from your existing service provider. However, you will need to take into consideration any cancelation fees associated with contracts or agreements you may have with your current telephony service provider. The porting process will automatically cancel services associated with the number we are porting. Termination fees or penalties will be invoiced to you by your former service provider after porting. StratoVox will not be responsible for those charges.

If you lose internet connectivity where your SIP phone are connected, unfortunately you will not be able to make or receive calls with those phones. You can rest assured however, as our cloud based infrastructure design is virtually ubiquitous. You can contact us immediately to invoke your complimentary business continuity plan. We will re-route your calls according to the BCP we have on your file or according to your instructions at that time. We can send your calls to cellphones, PC soft phones, landlines, phone apps, etc. to ensure you stay connected to your clients.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, INTERAC e-Transfer, Apple Pay and PayPal.